Change The Agriculture Developing Method And Go An Agriculture Way Of Low-carbon

Low carbon economic is an economic model which based on low energy consumption, low discharge. Develop low-carbon economic is the requirement of deal with the relationship of economic develop and environment protection and achieve the sustainable development.

From the present, the research view of low-carbon economic development is main focus on industrialization and urbanization and focus on solve the environment problem which aroused by industry high discharge and high energy consumption, while to the basic industry of national economy, that is the urgency and importance of low-carbon economic is not enough. Low-carbon  Agriculture  is the ecological civilization road of agriculture development, the main characteristic is to reduce agricultures rely to fossil energy and go a new road of organic, ecological and efficient agriculture. To be accompanied by the development of chemical agriculture, petroleum agriculture, mechanical agriculture and the improvement of peoples life style, the energy consumption of agriculture and country increase rapidly, agriculture has become the important greenhouse gases resource. Under this background how to change agriculture developing way and how to walk a road of low-carbon should be an important task.

Change agriculture producing way. We should change the agriculture of chemical, high input, high energy consumption, low-efficiency which labels are chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticide and propagation growth regular to the agriculture of organize, ecological, low-input, low energy consumption and high-efficiency which mainly adopt organic fertilizer, biopesticide and adopt free service which supplied by natural eco-system. Form low-carbon agriculture producing method and technology structure system which traditional farming technology, cultivation method and modern science and technology combination, so we can reduce the manual work input in agriculture producing procedure, at the same time reduce the  Agriculture  production cost, can effective eliminate the destroy to biological diversity.

Develop organic farming. Organic agriculture is produced in accordance with the standards of organic agriculture as a mode of agricultural production. That is not used in the production process of organic synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and feed additives and other substances, do not use genetically modified organisms and their products obtained. Agriculture, organic farming emphasizes that all measures should follow the laws of nature, matter and energy recycling; protection of genetic diversity in agricultural systems, emphasizing the focus on social, economic and ecological environment of harmony, efficiency, sustainable development, stress can produce a natural, high nutrition organic food. Through with a series of sustainable developing agriculture technology, it can coordinate the relationship between farming and animal husbandry, promote ecological balance, biodiversity and sustainable use of resources and so on.

Develop ecological agriculture. Currently, most developed countries in the world to encourage the development of eco-agriculture-specific policies. Some experts predict that ecological  Agriculture  will become the mainstream of world agriculture and development. At present, some kinds of ecological agriculture model have been explored and a technical team of ecological agriculture has been established.

Develop pollution free agriculture. Pollution free agriculture contains two aspects: one is less application of pesticides, fertilizers, and other solid contaminants. Another is produce agriculture products with less harmful substance. Pollution-free agriculture is the essence of environmental protection and rational use of resources, to achieve the purpose of reduce pollution, input and increase output to achieve the sustainable development of agriculture.