The Place of My Dreams

I recently opened a restaurant that serves Chinese food, and it’s been successful so far. I bought the building at a pretty low price and had some renovations done to turn it into the restaurant that is is today. New flooring had to be installed in the dining areas and the bathroom, so I contacted and they were able to help me. I got some other companies to take care of the plumbing, gas, and electricity needs I had for the building so that it would be able to run a couple of stoves and sinks for cooking.

I thought the flooring would take a long time to install, so I contacted the flooring company first. Little did I know that the flooring would be the easiest thing to install because of how simple it was to deal with vinyl flooring. Unlike other kinds of flooring, the vinyl simply needed to be peeled away to reveal the adhesive and laid down. The company was able to put it all down in just a few hours.

Piece by piece, I was able to watch the building transform from something that no one wanted, into the restaurant of my dreams. It had taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to get to that moment, and sometimes it felt like I wasn’t going to get there. I had to sacrifice a lot of time just to spend on work that would allow me to have enough money to buy the building. Now that I have it, and that the restaurant is up and running, I want to keep it going for as long as I can. I even want my kids to run the restaurant after I’ve gotten far too old to do it, provided that I actually have kids in the future.

Trees Fall in the Middle of Winter

The rain during the cold months has been ridiculous. We have had snow, then a thaw, then rain, then a refreeze and it repeats. Our front lawn was so saturated during the warm spell in the middle of winter that when the thunder storm and winds hit, the tree fell over. It had a huge root ball that was about 12 foot high. We had to call a tree service in Nassau County just to clear a path so we could get out of our driveway. The tree was part in our yard and part in our neighbor’s yard. They cut it in the middle so we could get out. Then they had to come back and take the rest of the tree apart branch by branch to remove it in trucks.

I am just happy that it did not fall on anyone or anything. It could have killed people, crushed either house or smashed our vehicles. No one was injured, and only the lawn got messed up. Well, some hedges on our side are flat, but we were going to take them out in the spring anyway. They just got an early removal. Continue reading “Trees Fall in the Middle of Winter”

I Have a Good Summer Job

I have been doing really well in my summer job and more importantly to me in the vacation that I am sort of the process. Of course it is all possible because I have been dating this girl who has a grandfather with an interest in a golf resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. How he is involved in the place I am not really sure, in fact it does not seem like he does anything. At any she is right here beside me on the deck, I just rubbed some Green Beaver sunscreen on my face and she told me about how it was all natural and organic. Continue reading “I Have a Good Summer Job”