Trees Fall in the Middle of Winter

The rain during the cold months has been ridiculous. We have had snow, then a thaw, then rain, then a refreeze and it repeats. Our front lawn was so saturated during the warm spell in the middle of winter that when the thunder storm and winds hit, the tree fell over. It had a huge root ball that was about 12 foot high. We had to call a tree service in Nassau County just to clear a path so we could get out of our driveway. The tree was part in our yard and part in our neighbor’s yard. They cut it in the middle so we could get out. Then they had to come back and take the rest of the tree apart branch by branch to remove it in trucks.

I am just happy that it did not fall on anyone or anything. It could have killed people, crushed either house or smashed our vehicles. No one was injured, and only the lawn got messed up. Well, some hedges on our side are flat, but we were going to take them out in the spring anyway. They just got an early removal. You would have expected this to happen in the spring, not in winter. I guess that groundhog that predicts the weather was wrong. It got warm and cold and warm and cold. It was enough to confuse anyone as to what the actual season was. For us, it was tree falling over season.

I had no idea that the root ball under a tree was as big as the canopy of branches above. Dirt had to be hauled in to fill in the spot where the tree fell over. They used a crane to haul up the biggest piece of the trunk at the base. I have no idea where it got dumped at. That tree had been here for more than 50 years before it fell.