I Have a Good Summer Job

I have been doing really well in my summer job and more importantly to me in the vacation that I am sort of taking.in the process. Of course it is all possible because I have been dating this girl who has a grandfather with an interest in a golf resort in Myrtle Beach, SC. How he is involved in the place I am not really sure, in fact it does not seem like he does anything. At any she is right here beside me on the deck, I just rubbed some Green Beaver sunscreen on my face and she told me about how it was all natural and organic. I am not really as concerned about that as I am about the fact that it works at the task of protecting my skin from the sun. I have a great job in fact, because I am out in the sun and what work I do is pretty mild. I am sort of like a bar tender, but really I just sell bottles of soda, water and beer out on one of the golf courses. However I get plenty of sun in the course of it.

In fact I am really saving money here. I do not pay rent and so far Angie has been either paying for the other expenses or we have been mooching off of her relatives pretty much. She has kin under every rock down here and all of them want her to come and see them. It is pretty clear that she is showing me off and she exaggerates about my qualifications as a boyfriend every time she sees them. Of course her grandparents all seem to want to be great grandparents and all of them act as though I should marry her and start pumping out babies for her.