5 Matches Vegetable Crops Grown at Home

Now, the hobby of gardening not only be done by those who have large land. One of them with the concept of urban farming.

Urban farming is istliah used for gardening activities in a small area or in urban homes.
Before the start urban farming, first find out the types of plants suitable to be planted in a limited area. Therefore, not all types of plants can be grown on less land.

Usually the types of plants that can be grown in small fields is a plant that can be consumed after being picked.

Here are some types of plants suitable for planting in the garden area is limited, including in the park in rumah.Syaratnya just extract for three hours every morning after the flushing.
Here are five vegetable crops that can be planted in the yard without the need for a large area.
1. Cayenne pepper

To plant chili, you need a minimum of 5 liters pot size. Actually, cayenne pepper can grow grown in pots are smaller in size, but the result will not be maximized.

You can choose a plastic or ceramic pots with holes in the bottom for drainage. Sprinkle to taste three times a day or every day during the dry season. If planted in garden soil 7-10 cm distance between seeds.

2. Eggplant

Eggplant purple large fruit can be turned out to be planted in a small media such as pots or polybags. One polybag for one seed that has been sown in advance.

Once the seedlings are transferred in a polybag, you must plug a stick of wood / bamboo along 5-10cm for buffer later.

Try to put the pot in a little shade because these plants are sensitive if the heat gets too hot.

3. Sawi

Planting mustard relatively easy. But there are some things that need to be noticed. Make sure the plant must be located on open land.

If the planting area tend to be cold make sure the plants are exposed to sunlight. Conversely, if the crop area is hot, place the plant under shade trees or area that has a roof.

Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep into the soil at a distance of 4 inches between seeds. Make sure the soil stays evenly moist by watering lightly.

4. Tomato

Planting tomatoes can use pots or polybags media. If you want to be planted rows can also, within 5cm planting enough alone.

You should be alert for tomato plants susceptible to disease and are particularly vulnerable to high humidity.

Getting Down to Basics with Services

The Safety Of Our Food Supply Is In The Hands Of Agriculture Workers

Many people are not aware of the enormous role that agricultural workers play in our daily lives. It is obvious that the fruits and vegetables that we eat come from farms. However, agriculture jobs affect far more aspects of the typical diet than solely plant matter. The animals that we consume eat grains that are cultivated by farmers. Even the most processed foods such as cookies and crackers contain farm-grown products, and many preserved foods utilize agriculturally-derived products to sustain the substances’ nutrients and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Agriculture jobs are therefore extremely important in protecting our world’s food supply. While we might not exclusively consume fruits and vegetables, all of our food products are linked in some way to the farms.

The most typical agriculture job that people associate with this field is that of the basic farmer. Society’s modern farmers do not receive nearly the amount of credit that they deserve. These workers labor long hours in oftentimes harsh conditions in order to provide the general public with the sustenance that it needs, and although industrial machines are replacing the jobs of many agricultural farmers, these people still play an enormous role in protecting the world’s food supply.

However, not all agricultural jobs involve the planting and harvesting that most people envision when discussing this area of study. Agricultural scientists are immensely important in providing society with the food that it needs. These scientists study crops and livestock in order to discover more efficient methods of farming. Pest control methods, sustainability, and environmental impact are also researched extensively to ensure that farm products can still be provided to the world’s citizens in the years to come. These scientists perform numerous experiments to try to discover new compounds that can be safely consumed or added to the soil to improve crop yield. In recent years, agricultural scientists have increased the world’s crop yield by an astounding percentage. Their work in creating new agricultural methods to make farming more accessible to be people in rough environments also helps to eliminate worldwide hunger.

Whether the agriculture job involves complex scientific research or the simple maintenance of a field of crops, workers in this field are incredibly important to the welfare of modern society. Without the hard labor of farmers and agricultural scientists, we would not be able to produce enough food to sustain the world’s population. Agriculture jobs play a central role in ensuring the health of the world’s people.